Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Delhi Car-nival

New Delhi Auto Expo 2008 show cased brand new small cars. Most of them were in the concept stage. The companies like Maruthi, Bajaj and TATA were set to show case their concept vehicles. Maruthi's vehicle (A-star) was brilliant with cool finish and new design. Bajaj's entry into the four wheeler market wass marked by its concept car which was designed and developed fully in India. Bajaj and MAruthi took the lead by introducing their small cars before TATA, thereby forcing them to take the back seat. Even though the concept car, A-Star, of Maruthi was expected to be priced above 1 lakh margin, it attracted many car lover's attention. Sumo's new variant "Grande" was also launched. Tata today launched its "people's car" which set to open the car market for the middle class people. All the cars were scheduled to launch in mid next year. Totally it was treat for most of the car lovers of the country