Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Saif 's Jab We Met

At the Stardust Awards organized by Bunty Walia’s G.S.Entertainment on Saturday evening ; Saif had the crowds spellbound with his grand finale act.

Saif started off with a number from his forthcoming film Race and then went on to perform various hit numbers of the year right from Hare Ram (Bhool Bhulaiyya) , Tenu Leke (Salaam-E-Ishq) , Darde Disco (Om ShantiOm) to the title track of Hey Baby.

Sources suggest that initially Mauja Hi Mauja from Jab We Met was added to the list of tracks to be performed by Saif , but he refused to do so as it was performed by Shahid Kapur in the film. Saif wanted to keep a mile away from any controversy.

Saif was well aware of Shahid’s presence at the awards much prior to the event as the organizers informed him that Shahid was bagging the Critics award for the best actor.

It has also been reported that Saif even turned down the offer to present the best actress award to Kareena .Eventually Raveena Tandon did the honours.

Looks like Saif is really playing it safe

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Shopper's stop - Shopwiki

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Vellithirai - Synopsis

It is a belief or sentiment in Kollywood that the films deals with film world do not meet with much success. Right from ‘Kallukkul Eeram’ to the recent ‘Kodambaakkam’, films based having cinema as their theme haven’t done well. However, Viji, who is making a film based on the life of an actor, is least bothered about such sentiments.

While the filmmaker is quite confident about his product, he says that the film is not on cinema. It deals with actors just as any film would deal with doctors or engineers, says the director. The characters depicting the lives of actors will not alienate the people from the move, asserts Viji.

What is the inspiration for him to take a movie on actors? Viji says it is a question posed by a police officer. “You people criticize everyone in the society. Can you please show me 10 outstanding human beings in the film world?” was the query that made him think a lot about film world. ‘Vellithirai’, according to Viji, will be a self criticism by the film world.

Though ‘Vellithirai’, Prakash Raj and Prithvi Raj starrer, is a remake of Malayalam flick ‘Udayananu Tharam’, Viji has come up with a different treatment based on the theme of the original.

One wishes that ‘Vellithirai’ breaks the so called sentiment and sets a new trend

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Bhavana sizzles

Bhavana has not accepted any tamil movies other than, 'Jayam Kondan' this year. However she is concentrating more and more in the Telugu film industry. She is having a lot offers from the Telugu directors. She is saying that all those offers are for non-glamorous roles that why she has accepted them. It is believed that she will acting in three Malayalam movies too. One with Pritiviraj, another with Mamooty and finally with Dileep.

Interventions - Drug Rehab

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Sneha eyeing marriage

The demur girl of south Indian film industry is set to witness a couple of marriages in her family. Her brother Balaji will be getting married on 25th of April. Govindarajan, another brother of Sneha will be marrying on May 7th. Both these marriages will be celebrated in a grandiose manner. While Sneha's family is gearing up for the mega events, she is very selective about her roles in the upcoming movies. She has done roles that carry good story and impact in the minds of people in movies like, 'Pudhupettai', 'Privom Sandhippom' and many more. Now she is interested in light hearted roles.

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Divya says no to glamour

Post ‘Polladhavan’, Divya is ‘not reachable’. Just like Priyamani, who was very particular about acting only with leading heroes post ‘Paruthi Veeran’, this damsel from Bangalore too wants to pair up with leading stars alone. She has even gone to the extent of denying many offers that came her way after ‘Polladhavan’.

Reason? She is expecting a big break in Goutham Menon’s ‘Varanam Aayiram’. She expects her career to reach new heights and hence keeping her fingers crossed when it comes to new offers.

She has also decided to say good bye to glamour. It may be recalled that she gave a shock to the director by staging a walk out from ‘Polladhavan’ sets when the director asked her to wear a two piece dress. Now she is determined to ensure the inclusion of the ‘no glamour’ clause in the contract itself.

Drug Rehabilitation

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Aamir logathil Vadivelu

“I don’t have fan clubs. Each and every family is my fan club. Their ration card is the ID card of the fan club”, says Vadivelu, who enjoys being the most lovable comedian of our times.

Vadivelu, who met the media persons in a press meet organised on January 28, informed the reporters about his new fan. It is none other than Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan.

The distinctive actor has the habit of relaxing himself amidst hectic work schedule by viewing Vadivelu’s comedy scenes. Mind you, Aamir doesn’t know Tamil but that doesn’t prevent him from enjoying the amazing facial expressions and hilarious body language of the comedian. Aamir Khan has shared this information to Murugadas, who directs his Gajini in Hindi.

Even censor board members have become his fans. The officers, after seeing his ‘Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan’ have appreciated him for his awesome performance in three different roles in the film. The film has been given U certification.

The leading comedy actor is quite excited about his forthcoming film ‘Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan’ that is to be released on February 1. He is confident that the people would appreciate his and the team’s hard work.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Credit Network - Review

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Dhanush and Rudhraksha

Dhanush was seen praying with a Rudraksha in his hand at the fecilitation function of the movie, 'Sivaji'. That Rudraksha was gifted to him by none other than the superstar himself. Earlier Dhanush has expressed that Rajni has great interest in the religious activities and he is more attracted towards god than anyone else. Rajni has a strange relationship with the Rudraksha. Once he was in shooting he missed that. Even at night he went to the shooting spot and searched the entire place with the help of the flood lights. Until he found that he never took rest.

Office Desk - Review

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Meera has got her 'Rajesh'

Meera Jasmine, the beautiful girl with demure looks and awesome character, has announced her love affair with the renowned Mandolin artist Rajesh. She came out openly about the affair in her recent press conference saying that she would marry soon. Meera Jasmine has acted in several mega hit films of the South. Her hits include, 'Run', 'Sandhakozhi', 'Bala', etc. Though she has been spotted at many concerts of Rajesh, she has either denied or hidden the affair so far. Now she has come out in the open about the affair at a recent press conference in Tiruvananthapuram. Now that the affair is confirmed we can soon expect them to tie knot.

Combat training to Protect yourself

Hi friends, I have another important issue on hand. It is about the martial arts, which is the best self defense technique. You can learn it from the World Leader In Self Defense The landlord of ours has just moved in house is an ex-service man. He is now 66 years old. But he says that he is 66 years young and we could not hide our envy. He is absolutely fit to act in movies as a stunt man.

He was regaling us with his military days and the basic training camp that is supposed to be the test of one’s endurance physically and mentally.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rajnikanth - Kucheludu

Reports started to flow in that Rajinikanth and Jagapati Babu will be doing a film together, which is being produced by C Aswini Dutt. The film is tentatively titled 'Kucheludu' for Telugu, though it has to be confirmed yet. Now, we wondered who approached whom for the two heroes to be acting together. So, we are told that it was Rajinikanth who suggested Jagapati Babu’s name.

Incidentally, he is said to have told Jagapati Babu that it would be fun to do the film. The original Malayalam film is an entertainer and Jagapati Babu is happy that he is getting to work with Rajinikanth in a full-length role. Like many heroes today, he too had grown up watching the films of Rajini in Chennai and cannot contain his happiness about getting to share screen space with him.

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Ravi Teja Birthday

Ravi Teja celebrated his birthday along with the entire nation. Yes, its true!! The reason behind that is, his birthday is on Republic day. He is having a lot of reasons to be cheerful. His movie 'Krishna' is the only movie that has got positive response from the audiences. He is all set to announce a film with Puri Jagganath. The name of the film is Ninte. He will be assisting Jagan, who is the director as well as the producer of the film. Speculations are rife that he will make his direction debut soon in the silver screen. Lets all wish him a very happy and prosperous birthday.

Farreys - Review

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Aamir's helping hand

It so happened that during the shoot of Rakesh Omprakash Mehra’s ‘Dilli 6’ starring Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor, the director was left in a fix when his Assisant Director had to fly back to his home in the US.

Mehra shared this with his friend Aamir Khan who at once volunteered to help.

But though Aamir was eager to fly down to Jaipur to support Mehra, he couldn’t take any time out as he himself was too busy with the shooting of his next film Ghajini.

But this wouldn’t stop Aamir from lending a helping hand to Mehra. Aamir suggested that his wife Kiran Rao (who has previously assisted Ashutoh Gowariker) would go to Jaipur.

It was a sweet sign from Aamir bearing in mind his relations with the Bachchan’s. When asked about Kiran as the AD to Mr. Rakesh Mehra he answered “She is a thorough professional and very sincere at work.”

So do we see Kiran Rao following the footsteps of her husband as a director? After all we know that with Aamir around making a film would be much simpler.

The X factor

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Prasanna's double delight

February will be testing time for Prasanna as two his movies will hit silver screen in the next month. His movies namely, 'Saadhu Mirandaal' and 'Anjaathe' are high on expectations. In the second movie his role is different from that of the other movies. He is being describes as the surprise package of this movie. The movie revolving around the tug of war between two friends with divergent approaches towards life promises much as an engaging entertainer. Lets hope his fans are rewarded with yet another beautiful gift from him.

Insurance Portal

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Saif Rocks - Even in the movies

Everyone know that Saif Ali Khan performed in a concert in Bangalore. This star has developed a lot of love and affection not only towards Bebo but also towards the music. He is planning to contribute something more to the music. He has taken up music as the subject of his next film. He wants to do this so as spread the knowledge about various artists and rock stars found in India. Life Rocksss!!

Eying for You

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College for Ash

Amitabh Bachan decided to gift his Bahu with a college in her name. He laid the foundation stone for a girl's school and a college. In Uttar Pradesh Bachan's laid the foundation stone and also organized a grand puja. Speaking to the people of Baranbaki Aishwarya Rai told that she was very happy regarding the love and affection shown towards her by the people of UP. She also added that Bachan's family will need a lot of co-operation from the people to complete this work and make it a grand success.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

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Nayanthara or Simran?

There are negotiations still going on with Simran to make her act in the movie 'Kuselan'. This refutes the rumor that Simran preferred to be seen in the small screen rather than big screen. Mean while Nayanthara is tipped to score a hat trick with Rajni. The unit was in touch with her and the hot star might just end up pairing Rajni for the third consecutive time. Earlier she had acted in the movies like 'Chandramuki' and 'Sivaji' along with the superstar. Lets hope both these actress are roped in for the movie.

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Sunday - Synopsis

What will happen if a day went missing from your life? That's what this movie is all about. Sehar's life gets a new twist when she learns that Sunday went missing in here life. A.C.P Rajveer (Ajay Devgan) takes up the case to sort out the complicated and jumbled up threads of Sehar's life.

In the process of solving Sehar's case it comes to light that on Sunday, different people interacted with her and amongst them, one could be the accused. The lot included Ballu (Arshad Warsi), the taxi driver and his friend, Kumar (Irrfan Khan), a struggling NSD actor, Ritu (Anjana Sukhani), Sehar's close friend, a scary and suspicious character who resides in Sehar's society, and the group whom she had come across while partying at the discotheque.

While trying to solve the puzzle, Rajveer stumbles upon a murder case whose clues hold up Sehar to be the culprit. Seher is at first amused, then mystified and then terrified when she realises she has a connection with all these totally unconnected incidents. But she cannot remember anything, Her fiancée ACP Rajvir Randhava is convinced that Seher is innocent, but he is also equally sure that she is linked to everything. Then another dead body is found. And the bracelet found near the corpse belongs to Seher. The evidence is mounting and all dingers point ay Seher.

And still, Seher does not remember anything. Is Seher really as innocent as she claims to be? A dubbing artiste by day, is she also a serial killer by night? Is her bubbly charm but a mask that hides her darker, menacing self? As Seher desperately fights the fog that clouds her treacherous memory, ACP Rajvir has to fight the fact that the woman he wants to marry may well be a murderer and worse... What if one day went missing from your life?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mortgage finders

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Shah Rukh wants Ganguly

After winning the bid for the Kolkota IPL team Shah Rukh Khan gave interviews to the media. In all those interviews he concentrated on a few important points. Some of them, I have mentioned below. He told the reporters that he would be happy if Ganguly accepts to captain his Kolkota team. He also said that it will great to have players like Dhoni, Yuvraj and Sachin. He expressed his desire to bring out the untapped cricketing talents present in the streets of India. He also wished to develop a women's team, probably chak de effect! He finally conclude by saying that he will definitely bring the unsung heroes to the lime light.

Cash advance - Reviewed

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Prithviraj and BMW

Using trendy and special cars to boost their personal importance has become a status symbol for the rich and the famous. Filmi celebrities are more inclined to be on better wheels all the time, appearing for parties in their most expensive cars.

Actors who have a special spot for BMW's include many like Mammootty whose craze for driving savvy cars is well known. He was one of the first stars from the south who bought one for himself. Trisha, the super heroine of the south also claims BMW as her most favorite car.

The latest to join the list of proud BMW owners is young star Prithviraj who had a very good year in 2007. His new car will be on Kerala roads by this week.

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Vindhya getting married

Vindhya is going to marry her lover Gopalakrishan. This famous actress who made her debut in the film 'Sangamam' has acted in more than 35 films in different languages like Tamil, telugu, Malayalam. She is now acting in 'Azhagu Nilayam'. Her would-be is doing real estate business in chennai. He is none other than the brother of famous actress Bhanu Priya. This marriage is all set to take place on 16th Feb with the blessings of both the families in the Guruvayur temple.

Strech mark creams - Review

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Mallika Anarkali Sherawath

Mallika Sherawat who has often been taunted by the media for her controversial statements and unprofessionalism, has now taken her roles more seriously. Mallika who is shooting for her film Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam (MGMEA) has started behaving like Anarkali even off the sets.

While acting for her film, she got so much into her character that she started greeting other colleagues with an ‘aadab’ very much like Anarkali rather than her usual ‘hi’, ‘hello’. Reports suggest that she even keeps performing her kathak steps for no reason.

Though director Sanjay Chel confirmed Mallika’s funny act, he justifies her act by saying that this was her way of reducing stress. Chel states that she even tries to dilute the grim atmosphere by adding fun into it, which is really commendable. Let’s hope that Mallika doesn’t go too deep into her character that we might have to call her Mallika ‘Anarkali’ Sherawat.

Courtesy : Indiaglitz

Medical training school - Review

This time I am reviewing a website which helps people find the right schools in popular medical careers

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Accolades - A plenty

Indian government today announced the awards for Padma shri, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan. Greats like Sachin Tendulkar, Vishwanath Anand, added feather in their cap by getting Padma Vibhushan awards. Edmund Hilary won the Padma Vibhushan posthumously. Footballer Baichung Bhutia won Padma Shri award. Swimmer Balu Chowdry was named for Padma Shri award. It has to be noted that Padma Vibhushan is the second highest civilian honor conferred on any Indian only next to Bharath Ratna. However this year also Bharath Ratna was not conferred on anyone due to the controversies surrounding its nominations.

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Vaaranam Aayiram

‘Varanam Aayiram’, Suriya, Sameera Reddy and Divya starrer, faces an unexpected trouble even as 80 per cent of the shooting is said to be completed. Producer Oscar Ravichandiran has filled a complaint against director Gautham Menon for exceeding the budget.

According to the producer, the initial budget was fixed as Rs. 10.5 crores on first copy basis. Later, the producer claims, Gautham demanded an additional 3.5 crores to complete the movie.

Annoyed by the increased budget, the producer has lodged a complaint in Producers’ Council against the director. He has said that the increase is unbearable.

However, the sources close to the unit say that the problem would be amicably sorted out soon and the shooting would resume without much delay. The problem in obtaining shooting permission in various places led to the increase in the cost, inform the sources.

The next schedule of the shooting will be held in Delhi, Varanasi and Malaysia. If everything goes well, the movie will hit the halls by the summer season.

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Star cast in IPL

Shah Rukh Khan bagged the Kolkata IPL team for a sum of around 75 million dollars. He was pretty much happy to get one. Preity Zinda also won the Mohali team for the sum of 76 million dollars. Other teams like Mumbai was won by Mukesh Ambani for 1.11 billion dollars. Chennai team is now owned by India cements. Delhi was roped in for a sum of 84 millions by GMR holdings. Deccan Chronicle emerged winner of Hyderabad team by bidding 106 million. Jaipur was done in by Emerging Media with 67 million dollars. So there are more star cast involved in winning the IPL teams. It is a known fact that SRK has openly expressed his desire to buy one of the IPL teams, earlier last month in a press conference. Chak De Kolkata!!

Smorty - Review

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Indiralogam on Feb 1

Vadevelu's starrer 'Indiralogathil Na. Azhagappan' is all set to release on February 1. This movie is much awaited after the success of 23-m Pulikesi and other Vadivelu comedy movies. It is worthwhile to note that none of the movies released in 2008 has faired well in the box office but this movie is set to break the trend. The movie has Vadivelu handling three different roles, two of which are mythological characters. The comedian has meticulously worked for this film. The grand costumes including the crown and armor worn by him weigh up to 5 KGs. On financial front, he has lost huge money by declining many offers because of this commitment. First he gave 70 days of call sheet. Later it was extended to 100 days. He did not accept any other films in the meantime, as he decided to keep focused on the film. Sherya adds beauty to the film as she is starring in an item number in this film. Other heroines like Suja and Laksha are also dancing for peppy songs.

Pro360 - Review

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Kuselan shooting dates

Finally its official, the shooting of superstar Rajinikanth starrer ‘Kuselan’ will start on February 15 in Chennai. Rajini, who is expected to return from Himalayas by the second week of February, will come to the sets soon after his return.

The choice of the heroine and other details are expected to be announced during the first week of February.

The movie, directed by P. Vasu, is a remake of Malayalam movie titled ‘Katha Parayumbol’. The story revolves around the friendship between a superstar and a hairdresser. Pasupathy plays the role of the friend.

Interestingly Rajini’s role is said to be reflecting his own life. He is believed to play his real life character as Rajinikanth.

P. Vasu is meticulously working to make necessary changes to suit Tamil and Telugu audiences, as the movie will be a bilingual project. It will definitely be a treat for all Rajni fans across the globe.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

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Rajni's dream come true

I dunno how true it is but I have read several articles about this news on the net. Finally Aishwarya Rai is all set to act opposite to Rajnikanth. In the mega movie, 'Robot' Shankarhas roped her for a whopping 1.5 crore deal. This is the highest salary for a female artist across the country. Finally Rajni's dream of acting with Ash has come true in his biggest movie of the carrier. He has been to trying to act along with her since 'Padayappa' but she was consistently refusing the lead role offered to her. I dunno how they managed to convince her. Anyway let's wait for more news and updates.

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Sarvam Trisha mayam

Trisha fans will be happy to hear this interesting news. Alleged reports suggested that the director Vishnuvardhan will be making his next film Sarvam with Arya in the lead. Now, it looks like Trisha might pair opposite Arya in this film. However, Trisha has not signed this film yet, say inside sources. Currently, the petite actress is busy shuttling between Hyderabad and Chennai nowadays, and is the toast of both Kollywood and Tollywood. Trisha has her hands full in both these languages. In Tamil, she is doing Kuruvi with Vijay in the lead. She is also acting with Prakash Raj for his Duet Movies’ Abhiyum Naanum which is directed by Radha Mohan of Mozhi fame. She has also signed up for Chennayil Oru Mazhaikalam with director Gautam Menon which he will commence after his Vaaranam Aayiram. The svelte actress is also doing a big budget film in Telugu opposite Telugu superstar Nagarjun. To accomodate Vishnu’s offer in her busy schedule might prove difficult for Trisha. But, she cannot miss out Vishnu beacause he is the one who has given a complete makeover to Nayantara with her jaw-dropping glam act in Billa. Meanwhile the Sarvam team is on the hunt for the perfect locations for the movie. Enjoy!!

Holiday plans

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Italy was the cradle of Etruscan then Roman civilisations, and the center of the first and largest empire in Europe, North Africa and the Near East.
The city of Syracuse in Sicily was once the largest Ancient Greek city in the world.
The world's largest Christian edifice is the Basilica of Saint Peter in Rome.
Italy is the fourth most visited country in the world, with some 40 million foreign visitors annually.
Italy did not become a unified country until 1863.
Italy now has one of the lowest birthrate and fertility rate in the world.
Italy is the fourth most visited country in the world, with some 40 million foreign visitors annually.
Italy did not become a unified country until 1863.
Italy now has one of the lowest birthrate and fertility rate in the world.
Many of the world's most famous artists were Italian, with such names as Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Fra Angelico, Tintoretto, Caravaggio, Bernini, Titian and Raphael, among many others.
The Italians invented the viol, violin, cello and piano, and were the greatest representative of Baroque music (Vivaldi, Corelli, Monteverdi, Albinoni...).
The mechanical clock, the barometer, the thermometer, optical glasses and the telephone are all Italian inventions.
The Romans love cats so much that they are considered a bio-cultural asset of the city. A new law condemns any person killing a cat to a 10,000 euro fine, and up to 3 years in jail. There is an estimated 300,000 cats in Rome, and they are the only inhabitants allowed on the ruins.

Had enough of Italy already? There are still more. Italy attractions: Venice, Famous monuments, sistene chapel. - Rome attractions: The Colosseum, the Vatican, Trevi Fountain. - Venice attractions: Piazza San Marco, Gondola Ride, St Mark's Basilica. - Milan attractions: Cathedral of Milan, Leonardo da Vinci Museum, Castello Sforzesco.
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Seval - Kokkarako ko

Bharth and Hari will pair up for the movie, 'Seval'. The director, who has given several hit films like Saamy, Arul, etc. is now teaming up with Bharath, after the hero's recent success as an action hero in the movie 'Pazhani'. Hari has done several films with actors like Vikram, Prashanth, Surya and the recent action hero Vishal. So it will another action movie which will be worth watching. This movie will probably release in the next year. The cast and crew is yet to be announced.

How good is Bad Credit offers?

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Ibrahim - debuts

Saif Ali Khan's son Ibrahim is all set to make his big screen debut in the film 'Tashan' as the son of Saif himself. Yash Raj's film will be the second movie for Saif to be released in the year 2008. Tashan also stars Akshay, Kareena and Anil Kapur. It is directed by Vijay Krishna who has written scripts for blockbuster hits like Dhoom and Dhoom - 2. Music is done by Vishal and Sekhar. This movie is scheduled to be released on 25th April.

Mac poker - Online Poker for Macs

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Pudiya Paravai - Ajith

After the recent success of the recent re-make of Rajni's Billa, Ajith is all set to star in another remake movie. This time it will be from the ware-house of Sivaji productions as it will be the movie of the great, 'Sivaji' himself. Ajith is tipped to do the role of Shivaji in the remake movie 'Pudhiya Paravai'. Even Prabhu is doing a role in the movie. He will be doing the role of M.R. Radha. The director and the music director are yet to be fixed. It is tipped that K.S or Vishnu will do the film.

Unsecured - Line of credits

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Irrfan's six pack

When it comes to acting Irrfan can surely give any star a run for his money. Unfortunately Irrfan doesn’t hold the star power that Shahrukh Khan does. Does that bother Irrfan ? We wouldn’t really know but Irrfan has surely taken up the task of imitating Shahrukh.

In Rohit Shetty’s Sunday Irrfan plays the character of a struggling actor who mimicks Shahrukh at the auditions of Don 3.

We wonder why everyone in bollywood seems to be breathing down Shahrukh’s neck so much; be it the character of a monkey in Hanuman that spoke like Mr.Khan or the constant taunts about Shahrukh’s six pack. In any case let’s hope that Irrfan doesn’t upset Shahrukh and don’t be surprised if you hear of Irrfan gearing up to achieve those faboulous six pack (Dard - e - Disco).

EZunsecured financing

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Deepika replaces Kareena

In Imtiaz Ali's next venture, the best actress of 2007, Kareena Kapur was replaced by none other than Deepika Padukone. This comes as a huge surprise to many of them in the film industry. Kareena was expected to do roles with all the top - notch heros after the huge success of Jab We Met. But alleged reports suggested that she had also hiked her prices after the recent success of the film. It looks like Imaz was floored by the good performance of Shanti Priya.

Video search for you

There are a lot of sites like Youtube, MySpace, MetaCafe, Veoh and Yahoo but when it comes to your favorite video, then it will be a tedious task to search the entire list of the audio hosting sites. At times you might feel that it would have been better if there was more better solution at just one stop. Atlast, your wishes are granted. Here is a site VidSearchLive that caters all your needs.
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Aishwarya's art attack

This is news will definitely interest you. Its about a beauty queen Aishwarya Rai. Joining the hundreds and thousands of fans bedazzled by her ethereal beauty is fairly obscure artist Ratan Parimoo who is drawing attention for his series of Aishwarya Rai - inspired paintings. The series includes artworks inspired by key moments from her films and also one in which the artist has imagined Aishwarya as Da Vinci's muse Mona Lisa. “It was not a sudden approach. I thought about it 10 years ago. Actually it was an architect male wanting to draw Mona Lisa and then I wanted it to transform it into an Indian face,” says Parimoo. While he has lapping up the accolades from friends and acquaintances for now, the artist says fulfillment will come only when his muse responds to his work. “Well I wanted that when I reach a stage of perfection then I would convey it to her. And yes, I really wish if she could see it,” he says. So until he's able to reach out to Aishwarya and show her his work, he'll be painting away trying to create the perfect piece. Let's hope Amitabh Bachan and Abishek does not get envied about this.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hotel Reservations

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After ATM its AVM for VIJAY

The latest buzz around the Kodambakkam, is that actor Vijay has signed up for a movie under the banner of AVM.But it is not AVM Saravanan, who will produce the movie under the prestigious banner AVM. His brother AVM Balasubramanyam will produce the Vijay’s movie under the banner of AVM Production and Entertainment. Now Vijay fans are eager to know who would direct the movie. Vijay is yet to make up his mind in this regard. He has already heard stories from Hari and Perarasu and yet to finalize the director. Meanwhile Balasubramanyam and Vijay’s father S.A. Chandrashekar saw Perarasu’s recent movie ‘Pazhani’. It is said that both liked the movie and appreciated the director. So shall we conclude that it would be Perarasu, who would direct Vijay for the third time? It might be a safe bet to go with Perarasu, who had given two hits in Thiruppachi and Sivakasi featuring Vijay. But still it has to be noted that nothing is assured, we can be sure only after the official announcement from the reputed AVM.

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Kuselan - updated

The choice of the heroine will be made on 3rd of February as the superstar is away in the Himalayas and is expected to return only at the beginning of next month. Many heroines like Simran, Tabu and other lead heroines were considered. Since Simran is set to make her small-screen debut she will not be available for the shoot. Rajnikanth plays the role of superstar himself. He is having a fight and a song sequence in the movie. The director P Vasu is eager to give more importance to Rajni's role. Let's wait and watch.

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