Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cash Advance for you

Hi friends. Today managing the finances has become a great problem. You never know when you will be in dire need of money. Even during the last week of a month, an unexpected thing might happen which requires a lot of cash to deal with. For example a situation might arise due to sudden arrival of guests or you may have to pay for any mishaps or other things. In that case, most of us will be running short of money. We can not wait until the next pay day to pay our debts. So at that time payday loans and cash advance comes as the best possible solution to our problem.

There is a site called ‘Trust’ which offers such services. They are well known for their easy approval without any requirements to fax documents and verifications. All you have to do is just visit the site and fill up a form. The required credit will be electronically transferred to your account instantly. They also rate several companies that are offering pay day loans. If you have any confusion in choosing one, then you might just read the review and pick the company that suits you the best. So what are you waiting for? Visit the site immediately.

Ajith grews beard

After Billa’s run away hit Ajith is acting in ‘Aegan’. There is a lot more to that movie. He has grown a beard and has become a bit fatter. When questioned about that Ajith replied that he has purposely put in some extra pounds. This weight growth is only for the sake of movie and will definitely suit the character. There is some news that Ajith will soon be seen together with the heroine Nayantara of the film 'Aegan', for the songs shoot.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Football Strategy

Hi friends. This post is about a beautiful game. This is about football. I love playing football. I have been playing it for the past five to six years. I have played in different positions and in different grounds. Recently I am playing with the called Mam United. This has been a very prestigious club and I am really honored to be associated with it. We use different strategies to counter our opponents.

We play with 8 players formation and there are good players filling up each and every position so that playing was not at all a problem. But there is something beyond the player skills and quality, it is wrist band. This wrist band has several special features you can Flag football pLays using this wrist band. This has several strategies which can be implemented on field to improve your gaming strategies. They have strategies for 4, 5, 6 and 8 players. You can choose from the entire list which gives you detailed description about the game play. So visit the site and get benefited.


This movie has been postponed so many times but the hype and aura surrounding the film has not reduced. People are very much excited to hear about each and every news connected to this film. Now the producer, Oscar V Ravichandran has come up with some news regarding the movie and its really cool thing. He said that the movie is not based on any usual subject. It will raise the standard of movies beyond all expectations. He also added that this movie will provide excitement to the viewers right from the opening frame.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shopping comparison site

Hi friends. Today i am going to tell you about the shopping experience. After seeing my unit tests marks and report card, my dad gave me some money. I had already saved some and now i planned to buy brand new clothing for my mother, with the help of the new funds and the savings. My friends suggested that it would be cheaper and more variety can be found, if I opt for online shopping. So I found that idea interesting and decided to try out. But I was left with a lot of confusion because there were so many shops online, which made it difficult for me to choose the best shop.

But I stumbled upon the site called ‘’. It had everything my mother needed. It showed the womens clothing from different companies and also allowed us to compare the price and other things like material, etc. This made our online buying experience much easier and simpler. So why don’t you try it??

Arasaangam makes history

For the first time in the history of entire tamil industry, which is nearly 75 years old, Arasangam's audio CD will be sold one lakh copies on the day of release. The audio of the movie is all set to release on 28 th of march. The audio release function will be held normally in Chennai, but the producer is planning to release the audio of the movie all over the Tamil Nadu. Srikanth Deva has scored the music while Rhythm Music has procured the audio rights.

Monday, March 24, 2008

iMobile - One stop mobile store

Hello friends. This post is about mobile phones and various suggestions regarding buying one. I bought my mobile long ago. That was about a couple of years back. At that time, only Nokia had established a strong foothold in my country. So I was forced to opt for it. But that mobile did not have any feature that the modern phone posses. The mobile which I bought was created only to serve the purpose of making and answering the calls. But now they have shrunk a computer in the form of mobile phone.

I decided to change my mobile. While I was surfing through the net, accidentally I saw the site, ‘imobileplaza’. It was really amazing. It had every possible phone that you could imagine. There were several phones that were unlocked and could be used in my region too. So I was really happy to find the site. This site has all the brands of mobile makers listed in them. You can get the details about any mobile you want. I just opted for Sony Ericsson k800i. What’s your choice??

Trisha - the best actress

Maa TV conferred the best actress of the year 2007 to trisha for her role in the Telegu movie, 'Aadavari Matalaku Aradhale Veruli'. This movie is directed by Selvaraghavan and Venkatesh was the hero of the movie. Now this movie is the one which is being remade in Tamil as 'Yaarade Nee Mohini'. Dhanush and Nayathara perform the lead roles. The movie is expected to be released by the first week of April.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Web hosting

Hi guys. I have just bought a new domain for me. I decided to start a new blog. My friends suggested that it would be better if I start with a new domain. Even I considered that idea and found that one pretty cool thing to do. But I had my own problems. I have a paypal account but I can not pay for the domain through that because it was not verified, I was unverified account holder. I should have a credit card for buying the domain. Now only I got it from my friend. So I decided to buy that as soon as possible.

But before doing such thing, I did some research regarding several services that are offering web hosting for me. The site called ‘Kaushal Seth’ provided some valuable information regarding the type and quality of domain services that were available. So you too visit the site and find the best web hosting service that is currently available.

Vishal in Rajni's shoes

Vishal was in Turkey for a shoot of a song for his new film, 'Satyam'. Dinesh, the dance master of the song, informed an interesting thing to Vishal. He told him that these are the places in which superstar's song, 'Konja neram' were shot. Vishal made a small request that he too will act the song sequence in that location. The entire unit agreed and he stepped into the location along with Nayan to shoot the song.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sandiego Attorney

You can not expect life to be soft and smooth all the time. There might be some troubles propping up then and there to remind you that life will be full of ups and downs. You can not do anything about some troubles and misfortunes but for some there is a remedy. For example you have been booked for drunk driving in California. In that case you can get out of the trouble with the help of a good California DUI Lawyer.

This post is about such attorney who can literally bail you out of trouble. There is a site dedicated to them. This resource center provides you with a comprehensive database about the information on what you need to know regarding the case and has full details of San Diego California DUI Court, the San Diego DMV, and also provides you some valuable information regarding how to save your driving license after a San Diego California DUI arrest. So visit the site now!!

Raghuvaran Passed away

Veteran Tamil villain actor 'Raghuvaran' passed away yesterday here in Chennai. He is well known for his villainous roles which he has done in several movies. His famous works include, 'Batsha' with superstar Rajni and has done several films with 'Visu'. His most recent film 'Bheema' is a run away hit. The entire film industry is shocked over the sad demise of the great actor. Let his soul rest in peace.

GBG's product

Hello friends. Are you felling tired at home and at work? Do you feel that you are lacking some important vitamins and minerals that keep your heart going on forever? If you have any of the above mentioned problems, then the doctor would have suggested you to take some liquid vitamin supplement along with your food. There are several such things that are available in the market . But really the best among the lot is the GBG’s product.

They have nearly 10 vitamins and 13 minerals as their ingredients and are well known for quality results in the market. They have several special formulas to tackle the problems like heart problems, anti oxidants, another formula to relieve your stress at home and at work. There is also a refresher which keeps your brain fresh all the time. So all you have to do is spend a minimum amount and get your own dose of medicine now!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Anjathey's success story

Mysskin’s 'Anjathey' is going places. Literally. The movie, which is running with packed houses in Tamil Nadu, is getting released in Karnataka and Kerala. Both states will have ten prints each. The movie, which has been receiving critical acclaim from all quarters, will be screened in the prestigious PVR complex in Bangalore. Since the movie has many stars from Kerala, it is but natural that it would be received well by the Kerala audience. The movie will be released by Srivas Films in Thiruvananthapuram, Palgat, Kozhicode and Ernakulam.Meanwhile, the houseful shows in Chennai has resulted in an increase in the number of screens.

Wize coffee makers

Hello friends, I am here with another review about a wize product. This time the product is coffee makers. If you do not have enough time in the morning to prepare the day’s coffee, then opting for the coffee maker is the best solution. There are several companies that are offering coffee makers for you. This will lead to a lot of confusion because almost all of them claim to be the best in the field and you do not have any one to rely upon. has the answer for all your queries. Here each and every coffee makers are reviewed by the editor and also by several consumers who have actually used this product. And after that, the products are arranged based on the Wize rank provided by the editor. You choose the product based on the user’s reviews and many other things such as features, pricing, etc. So visit the site now!!

Pa. Vijay turns producer

Pa. Vijay, the lyricist turned actor, is said to be ready to don another role. The decision is rumoured to be fallout of a predicament faced by ‘Thai Kaviyam’, in which the lyricist plays the lead role. The film, written by the Tamil Nadu CM M. Karunanidhi, is now crippled by a controversy over the expenses made so far.

Sources reveal that, though the movie has been on roll for quite some time, only one and half songs and a few talkie scenes have been finished. The expenses, on the other hand, have touched a whooping amount of Rs. 50 lakhs. The producer, upset by the obvious mismatch, has demanded explanation and detailed accounts. He has even gone to Producers’ Council to settle things with the director.

Since the producer too is close to the ruling party like Vijay himself, both have been advised by the party circles to settle the issue amicably. As part of the compromise formula, Vijay is said to have offered to pay the amount spent so far and take up the responsibility of the producer of the film. The producer too is believed to have accepted it.

Second act - HDTVs

Hello friends, you might be having a good house with well decorated finish but it will not look complete until you have got all the gadgets and gizmos in your house. One of the most important gadgets is the HDTV. There are several stores offering HDTVs for sale and even some them are online stores. But only a few of them offer good TVs with minimum price tag. One such site is ‘secondact.’

This site offers HDTVs from reputed companies like Sharp, Toshiba, Denon, JVC, etc. Here you can get your best deal signed. They offer TVs of several kinds like factory refurbished, factory closeouts and overstocks, end-of-life, open box and more. They are well known for their customer commitment and their quality of service. This site, 'Second Act', also have a specialty of offering a “Great Deal of the Day” which reduces the cost of the product even further. This is done once in 24 hours. So visit the site immediately so that you may get hands on one of the best deals ever.

Sarath and Ravikumar team up

No one would have forgotten the fanfare and the hype that surrounded the announcement of superstar Rajinikanth starrer ‘Jaggubhai’, under the direction of K.S. Ravikumar, a few years ago. The magical combo of ‘Padayappa’ (Superstar and K.S. Ravikumar) created much expectation after the forgettable experience with ‘Baba’.

However, the project was dropped for reasons unknown to the public. Rajini then went on to team up with P. Vasu for ‘Chandramukhi’, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now the buzz is that ‘Jaggubhai’ resurfaces with a different name in the lead. According to a grapevine, K.S. Ravikumar is all set to restart the process of making ‘Jaggubhai’ and he has opted for ‘supreme star’ instead of super star. It is tipped that Sarath Kumar would play the lead role.

One of the reasons sited for Rajini’s withdrawal from the project was its political overtone. The superstar was apparently not comfortable with a film that has strong political message. For Sarath, who has become a political leader with aspirations to capture the power, the political movie would be an ideal and natural choice.

Since Sarath – K.S. Ravikumar combo too is a successful one, the project, if takes off, would create sensation.

However, the circle close to Sarath denies the news on ‘Jaggubhai’. While the sources confirm a new project of Sarath with K.S. Ravikumar, they say that it is not ‘Jaggubhai’.

Whether the new project would be a political subject is yet to be known.

Coupon cheif

Hello friends, today we are going to see about the coupon chief. There are several online coupons, coupon codes and online shopping discount that have been offered by Coupon chief. This is one of the best sites I have visited. I just stumbled upon this site while surfing the net. This site has a lot of information about different coupons and is updated almost daily.

You can get some branded merchandise like Dell coupons, overstock coupons and many more. There are several categories to choose from. Some of them include stores like target coupons, office coupons, coupons and many more. They also offer good discounts for the coupons bought from them. So visit the site and get benefitted.

Kamal's helping hand

It is a good thing that actors usually do during their birthdays. But there are only a few actors who are doing such things even during the normal days of the year. One of them is actor Kamal. He is silently doing a lot of social activities. Recently he identified 1000 children from each district and gave them the necessary things like pen, pencil, rubber, sharpner, etc, in order to help them write their examinations. The project cost around 8 Lakh but he did that for the welfare of the poor students. Hats off Kamal!!

Easy Pay Day Loan

Hello friends, today I am going to write about the pay day loans. Most of the people get only moderate salary. Their salary gets them only up to three weeks or utmost to 25th of the month. But when some emergency situation arises, one has to spend a lot of money. The emergency can arise due to functions or sudden guests, etc. You need atleast some amount to amount to manage the situation well. There are lot solutions available for this situation. One of the best possible solutions is the payday loan.

There are several companies offering payday loans but the best one is the “Easy Pay day loans”. Easy pay day loans, as the name suggests is easy to get. First let me explain the process of pay day loan. You can avail payday loan by filling up a simple form. You actually give details like your job, salary amount, etc. The companies offering payday loans get their money back from your salary cheque. This site has the specialty of giving payday loans to customers without any necessity to fax the details submitted by you. This is the number one site offering online pay day loans. So visit the site and manage your financial situation in a better manner.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dasavadharam audio release

It is finally official. Dasavadharam's audio release will be on 2nd of April. A grand function will be orgainised in the Nehru indoor stadium and the audio along with the trailer will be released on that day. Participation of Jackie and other stars have been confirmed too. Stars like Rajni, Mamooty, Chiranjeevi and many others will be present there. Sony BMG has bagged the audio rights and it has already broken several records.

Wize Waffle makers

Hi friends, today we are going to see about another product from the wize store. This time it is about waffle makers. I’m sure most of you might have heard about this, so let us get into the review part of it straight away. There are several companies offering several waffle makers with wide range of designs and prices. Most of you will be in a state of confusion to choose from the available choices. is here to help you out in that matter. This site also has listed several top waffle makers. But they are reviewed by the editor as well as the user and are given ratings based upon their performance, features, etc. So visit the site and choose your best choice now!!!

Satyaraj's salary

Actor Satyaraj's salary graph is raising steadily. He is demanding what he deserves. His recent movies have seen good collections in the box office. So the actor has decided that for those who have approached him after his movie 'Thangam' should pay him Rs. 40 Lakhs as salary. Before that he got only Rs. 25 Lakh. He has matured as a commercial star and many producers are banking on him. It is also worthy to note that he acted free of cost for the movie 'Periyar' in which he played the lead role as 'Periyar' himself. He has also announced that he will not charge for a movie on Dr.MGR, who is the actor's favorite hero.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wize humidifiers

Hello friends, there are several wize products which are reviewed in my site. This post is also about a product called humidifier. This is one of the best things you could ever get. But you have to be choosy in selecting one, because there are many companies that are offering humidifier but only some of them is up to the mark.

In, humidifier from each and every company is reviewed and rated by the editor. They are arranged according to the wize rank. There are several user reviews that will help you in finding out the best product. You can also search for a particular brand and get it immediately. So visit the site and get benefitted.

Sherya back to form

After her appearance in the item song for the movie, ‘Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan’ many believed that Shreya has lost her hold in the film industry. Se acted in that song despite some warnings from the industry’s top artists. She did some good roles in ATM and in ‘Kandasamy.’ But after that she was in the dock for quite sometime. Now she has got two to three offers from reputable personalities. She is set to act in Dhanush starrer produced by Gemini Labs. She also got an offer from Krshna Vamsi. She is also doing a movie for Deepa Mehta.

TV wall Brackets

Hi friends, having HD TV in your home has become a common thing now. It has no longer a status symbol. Even though there is still only ordinary digital transmission through your normal cable tv, still people prefer HD TVs for their home. This has helped the markets of HD TVs to grow in an exponential manner. Most of the homes have this TV but do not have a proper stand for it. There are several places from where you could get the stand but the best place is “”

This site has TV Wall Brackets starting from 32 inch TV to 63 inch LCD and Plasma TV. They are the best site as you can buy directly from the manufacturer himself. They also help you by delivering them the very next day you place an order for a particular piece. Besides TV brackets, they also have DVD wall brackets, multi purpose wall brackets, etc. So visit the site and get yours now!!!