Thursday, January 24, 2008

Video search for you

There are a lot of sites like Youtube, MySpace, MetaCafe, Veoh and Yahoo but when it comes to your favorite video, then it will be a tedious task to search the entire list of the audio hosting sites. At times you might feel that it would have been better if there was more better solution at just one stop. Atlast, your wishes are granted. Here is a site VidSearchLive that caters all your needs.
Here you can find music, videos and others things from all the video hosting sites that are available on the net. You can search based on two different categories either video or audio. There are several advanced features which includes, auto selection of songs based on your style and choice. So this really helps you a lot in finding music of your choice. It was quite simple to search each and every site and the results were awesome.
You can actually hear songs then and there and decide which one to choose depending upon the audio quality. All most all them were good, except a few though. There is another special option of saving your favorite tracks. This will help you to save your time when you are looking for the same video or audio at some other point of time. So next time when search for the music visit videosearch to search better.