Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shopping cart software for you

Hi friends, this about a shopping cart software which I came across when I was browsing the net yesterday. Last day I was searching for a shopping cart software. Just for the heck of reviewing the same, and if possible, use the same to host a new shopping site. and I came across ashop. Here is what it is..

Genere: shopping cart software Site
About: This site is one sortta cool in design, with lotta option to customize. There are demo included , both in admin module and front end. We can do mock transactions, to check the look and feel of the site.
Signing up with this US provider of shopping cart software helps us to reduce the task of creating an ecommerce software / site.
There is a ten day free trial (without giving credit card info), and free store design offer that is on going. So just visit ashop commerce and get started right now!!1