Friday, February 8, 2008

RBS six nations

Hello friends. I'm here to tell you about something more interesting and enjoyable other than the usual cinema news. This is something different. This is all about a sport. This sport is also different. It is the most enjoyable sport called Rugby. I have played this only in my console. I never had enough space to try it in the real arena, moreover my friends are not interested in this particular sport. So I'm confined to my indoors. But I have collected some useful information regarding this sport that will keep my friends at their toes. Today I'm going to reveal that source. It is from a website called RBS six nations. It is the official website for 6 nations that are playing rugby.
This website known as rbs 6 nations. com is entirely different from the other websites that are claiming to be the best sports site. This website contains several cool stuffs and funny facts about the game and the countries playing it. For those who do not know the countries playing this sport, here it is, the entire list of six nations include Italy, France, Ireland, England, France and Wales. Th website provides you the details of all the matches played between these nations and also the match highlights etc. Also this website includes the player profiles, videos and mobile video downloads and many more details about the all interesting rugby game. So if you are planning to gain some rugby knowledge then definitely visit this site.