Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Digital Fortress

Hi friends, this time i'm going to talk about an important service. A service that provides with a lot of space so that you can back up the important files and datas that are available in your system. The site called BT digital vault provides this type of services to its customers. This is a new type of online storage that helps people to storage huge amounts of data. There are three types of services that are available with them.
Firstly, you can store up to 1 GB of data without auto backup facility. This facility is available for free for the BT broadband consumers. Non-BT Total Broadband customers receive 1GB storage. Service will continue providing it is used at least every 90 days with some terms and conditions that typically apply to them. Second type of service includes, 5 GB of storage space. This feature is also available as free service to BT broadband users. For those who are not having the broadband facility, they will charge a minimum amount. The auto backup feature is not bundled with the program. It can be availed for 90 days. Finally, there is a 50 GB storage space with auto backup facility that is available for you. It costs only 5 pounds a month. All the auto backup features are not supported for Macs.