Friday, February 22, 2008

MusicNation - Review

Hello friends, there is a famous tamil saying, "everyone and anyone will be addicted to music". Music can touch your soul and relieve you from lot of pressure. If you are already a music buff, you have to be up to date regarding music. Wanna have some update about new artists and songs in any other genre? You can visit Over at this site, you can check out new bands, artists and music. is a web site I found for people who love music. Show off your latest and greatest musical masterpiece in one of thier many competitions. The Chevrolet Song Search, Rhyme Time, Slash's Ultimate Guitar Showdown and Spin's Hot Pursuit, there's something for every style and genre. acts as the go between. Bands upload videos on YouTube and when people like them can check them out. The system re-directs viewers to wherever it is the band wants fans to find them most likely Myspace.

Here at , aspired music makers can upload their profiles and most importantly their music and the system can either help their promote, sell or simply re-direct more fans and friends to the band's desired website. It acts like a middle-person to help fans and friends and music makers connect. Its easy and fun to navigate the system and every music makers, fans or friends should come and make full use of this system's potential.