Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Captain's channel

Yes we are talking about the one and only Captain of Kollywood, Vijayakanth. The actor had once followed a principle that he would not let any TV channel to interview him.

But that was ages ago. If the rumors circling around are to be believed, we might soon have one more Tamil channel to choose from. It is believed that Vijayakanth is planning to launch his own private TV channel as well as his political magazine.

You want to know why?

The actor is having his hands full with films as well as an active career in Tamilnadu politics. Though the captain gets to interact with a lot of public during his political meetings, all these he feels, are not broadcasted by the media for some unknown reason.

Vijayakanth is working on bring out his own channel as well as his own political magazine through which he can showcase the activities of his party to the public.

It seems talks are going on day and night, and that many experts in media are being contacted for the same.

If Captain Vijayakanth has his way we might soon have a channel named ‘Captain’.

Courtesy: Indiaglitz