Sunday, February 17, 2008

Anjathey Review

Anjathey, another cute movie. Very rarely we do come across such engrossing and engaging entertainer on Tamil screen. Miskin has done extremely well. This story is about two friends. Their roles were swapped suddenly and the chain of events that follow is quite dramatic. Sathyanathan (Narain) and Krupakaran (Ajmal) are sons of police constables living in a police colony. They remain close friends despite having divergent attitudes. Kirpa is trying to become a sub-inspector. He prepares vigourously for the exams and he is maintaining a fit body as well. On the other hand, Sathya is a rowdy and is always humiliated by his father.
After a lot of humiliation, Narain competes for SI selection. There is a twist in the tale when Narain becomes SI and Krupa turns into a rowdy. And after that story moves in an astonishing pace and the climax is the highlight of all. You have a third track in the tale featuring the ruthless criminal gang led by Velu (Pandiyarajan) and Daya (Prasanna). The enthralling hunt of the police in search of the dreaded criminals and the emotional story of the two friends are entwined with each other to provide us a gripping movie. Overall this movie gets 4.1 out of 5 rating points.