Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lifelock Promotion Code

Did you hear last week that the HSBC bank in United Kingdom had lost a computer disc having details of 370,000 insurance customers? Not very often it happens that when you go into a bank, the gaurds are so security conscious that the pens are chained to the desk. It's obvious that you don't want someone coming in there and nicking your pen that would cost you all of about 10p. Think about this, keeping the discs that store the customers' data has no need for chains there. HSBC Holdings explained that before a month the disc was lost while in transit with a courier.

Be aware of the fact that you have figured it out just now. During this period (in fact a very long period) someone might have used up your details and used them to pretend to be you. They even might have forged your identity and they can be spending your money. Only after a month that the bank will tell you that you might be at great risk. The company revealed that the computer disc included names, birth dates and details of insurance coverage. Now a great thing that you need is the Life Lock system. To know the value of lifelock just visit to read lifelock review by consumers. Try to get the opinion of people who have used life lock you will be better informed. Also do not forget to avail the lifelock promotion code enjoy the money saving method.