Tuesday, April 22, 2008

International calling cards

hi guys. International calling cards have become indispensible these days. The cell phone call rates are sky rocketing and it is really hard to make calls to your loved ones who are residing abroad. The smart way of keeping in touch is by using international calling cards that are available for your service. There are several companies offering this service. The procedure is simple. You have to choose your calling destination and then you have to select the best prepaid calling card that is available from the list. After that you can call from anywhere you want. You have to enter the access code followed by your call PIN. This will enable you to make calls to the specified locations.

The best site which offers quick prepaid phone cards is ‘therichcom.com’. You get calling cards by just following three simple steps. Choose the best card for your country, check out and then check your mail because your PIN and access code will be sent instantly to your email id. This enables you to use your card almost instantly. They offer calling cards for almost all the countries. They also offer special discounts during the weekends and during festive seasons. You can make the most of them now!!