Monday, March 24, 2008

iMobile - One stop mobile store

Hello friends. This post is about mobile phones and various suggestions regarding buying one. I bought my mobile long ago. That was about a couple of years back. At that time, only Nokia had established a strong foothold in my country. So I was forced to opt for it. But that mobile did not have any feature that the modern phone posses. The mobile which I bought was created only to serve the purpose of making and answering the calls. But now they have shrunk a computer in the form of mobile phone.

I decided to change my mobile. While I was surfing through the net, accidentally I saw the site, ‘imobileplaza’. It was really amazing. It had every possible phone that you could imagine. There were several phones that were unlocked and could be used in my region too. So I was really happy to find the site. This site has all the brands of mobile makers listed in them. You can get the details about any mobile you want. I just opted for Sony Ericsson k800i. What’s your choice??