Friday, December 7, 2007

India Test fires Interceptor missile

India demonstrated to the world about its capability to defend itself from any ballistic missile attack by successfully testing a hypersonic interceptor missile. The Inceptor destroyed an incoming target missile in a direct hit above the Bay of Bengal. This feat took place at an altitude of 15km (called Endo-atmospheric interception). Only three other countries are having such facilities, the list includes US, Russia and Israel. The target missile is a modified form of Prithivi missile. It took off from Chandipur-on sea, Orissa at 11 AM IST. Five minutes later, the interceptor missile(named Advance Air Defence-02) roared off from mobile launching station at Wheeler Island about 70 km from Chandipur.
As the target missile climbed to an altitude of 110 km and had a free of 3 Mac, the interceptor performed some maneuvers and destroyed the target with a head-on collision. The interception took place within 25 seconds after AAD-02's took off. The scientists erupted in joy and there were chants of "DRDO Zinabadh". On November 27, 2006 a ballistic missile was destroyed at an altitude of 50 km which is termed as exo-atmospheric interception.