Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Casino Royale - Review

This is undoubtedly the best bond film ever. Actor Daniel Craig has crafted his role pretty well as bond in this movie. His performance is sublime and his looks, which were not terrifying though, suited the film very much. The chase sequence in the first half which involves bond and another man, is a treat to watch. The camera angles and the locations were awesome. Editing is also done perfectly to make it real. Craig shows his class in scenes like saving the air bus, playing in the casino, getting hit from Le' Chiffre. The story is the usual bond story in which bond is assigned a task of preventing terroist funding by playing in the casino. The government itself is making him to play against chiffre who is believed to be supporting terrorist organizations. But no one knows his leader who is having contacts all over the world. Bond has to win the game so that he can save the government's money from getting into the hands of the wrong people. He almost lost his life in the process but got saved by Vesper Lynd (Eva Green). He recovers from his loss and manages to win the game. But Lynd betrays him and withdraws money from the bank and gives it to the villain gang. The final scenes answer the questions like, did bond recover the money from the wrong hands? who is the real man behind these fundings? What happened to Vesper Lynd and the villain? The thrilling finish adds diamond to the crown. It is different from the previous versions of the bond movies which involves bond's gimmicks and out-of-ordinary stunts. But this film doesn't have any exaggerated fight scenes and too many love scenes. The specialty of the movie is that Craig will never mention that "My name is Bond.. James Bond" till the end of the movie. This very dialogue is finally uttered by him to the villain and is followed by the bond theme music. That's really cool thing and the movie ends in this fashion. It is really an ultimate movie, please don't miss this one.